Promoting E-cigarettes For Smoking Cessation

There were many doubts about the merits of e-cigarettes when they first came out. Although they seemed like a great tool for quitting smoking, critics were wary about the lack of long-term and in-depth studies about their effects. The good news for vapers is that new findings have largely cast ecigs in a positive light. One of the latest supporters of this product category is the British Psychological Society. Its recent report encouraged vaping for those who are trying to cease smoking. The report included recommendations to assist the public in making the switch.


Despite all of the recent progress made in the last few years, there are still plenty of gaps in our understanding of e-cigs and their effects on the human body. These gaps can only be filled through persistent research by dedicated scientific minds. Their findings will be invaluable in determining the factors that could promote successful transitions. Studies like these can take many months or even years to complete. The hours and resources necessary are not trivial. The researchers will need adequate support in the form of funding from both the public and the private sectors.

As you can see, there is still a long way to go for this product category to mature and for it to fulfill its promise. The suggestions were given by BPS, if adopted, can accelerate the pace of progress. In the meantime, those who are interested in purchasing vaping products can check out models on the market and compare specifications. They can also read e cigarette reviews – best e-cigarettes have numerous reviews posted by highly opinionated consumers.


There are still a lot of misconceptions regarding smoking in general. When people see their peers doing it, they think that it is a safe activity which they shouldn’t worry about. Only after a while when they develop health issues do they wake up to the reality of the harmful effects of the habit. More effective educational campaigns should be launched to improve awareness of the facts. Informed consumers will be better equipped to make the right decisions. They will not easily fall prey to false advertising. The effects of nicotine should be discussed. The pros and cons of e-cigs have to be explained as well.


There are existing public health services specifically geared towards quitting. These can be combined with e-cigarettes to boost success rate. Ecigs have now become extremely popular, especially with the younger population. Providing guidance is crucial so that they can be used as effective tools for the purpose. Those who apply for the health programs may be provided with samples and technical assistance. Of course, this can only be done if adequate funding gets earmarked for it. Those in-charge must appreciate the importance of this drive and rally their colleagues to support the new measures. Tobacco-related diseases hurt the people and the economy. It’s time to take bold action.


Lawmakers can also intervene to make policy interventions. For example, they might raise the taxes for tobacco products to increase the price of traditional cigarettes. This has been shown to effectively discourage the purchase of these products. Those who smoke one pack a day might be forced to drop this to a few sticks owing to the cost. Some might even seriously think of quitting because of the financial consequences of sticking to the habit. Of course, this isn’t that easy for many who have grown addicted to smoking. This is where reduced tax and unrestricted advertising on vaping products can help. Consumers will see a viable alternative in terms of both cost and health effects.


E-cigs are better than traditional sticks as they have far fewer carcinogens and other toxins. However, they are far from being perfect products. There are, for instance, some concerns regarding their safety. Regulators can nudge product development in the right direction by elevating standards. It’s a fine line that they have to walk. They need to be able to reign in the manufacturers so that buyers are kept safe while allowing enough room for creativity and innovation to keep the category interesting. Shoppers have the last say, after all, and they are demanding a lot more than ever before in terms of design and performance.


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